A downloadable game for Windows

  • You play as Buttons, a psychopathic marshmallow-man who is hell-bent on killing slimes and collecting currency that serves no purpose other than to quantify your insatiable bloodlust
  • A comprehensive tutorial to instruct you in the ways of quenching your thirst for the slime equivalent of blood
  • 3 distinct weapons to shred your targets, like my dentist shredded my mouth this morning
  • A single boss that is literally just an upscale of the standard enemies, because I guess you just really have a problem with these guys

Disclaimer - This is an unfinished game and it is unlikely to ever be completed. There is no sound and there may be bugs, especially with the ropes. 

Buttons Found A Weapon was the project I was working on when I decided to switch from GMS2 to Unity. I polished it up as best I could to make it presentable before calling it quits, and this is what came of it. 

This was meant to be a 2D Platformer shooter roguelike, inspired by Dead Cells, Risk of Rain, and Enter the Gungeon. 

Maybe one day I'll try to recreate it in Unity, but until then, this game's memory will live on on this itch page!


Font is Small Hollows by Cal Henderson

Install instructions

1. Download the file

2. Extract the ZIP

3. Run the "Buttons" application

4. If it prompts you with a warning, you can proceed (I promise there's nothing malicious!)


Buttons Found A Weapon.zip 2 MB

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